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  • 语音语调-问候、道别、道歉

    good morning how are you how do you do good morning how are you goodbye see you later good night thank you thanks a lot thank you very much thanks thank you thank you very much sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm late...

  • 语音语调-祈使句-鼓励、客气的请求

    Don't open the door. Don't worry about that. Help yourself,please. Stand up,please. Come with us. Now,listen to me carefully. Cheer up. Come in and make yourself home. Give me a call. Give my best to your family....

  • 语音语调-祈使句-命令

    祈使句。 Don't open the door. Don't make any mistakes. Don't take any chances. Stand up! Take care of your coat. Close the window. Don't open the door....

  • 语音语调-反意疑问句、升调

    You will go to the cinema,won't you? Yes, I Will./no,i won't. He is from China,isn't he? Mary will marry next month,won't she? They went to the library,didn't they?...

  • 语音语调-陈述句-选择疑问句、升升调

    Would you like coffee or tea? Shall we walk or by bike? Is your car blue,green or red? Do you go there by bus or by taxi? Could you come on Monday , Tuesday or Wednesday? Which country would you like to go to,Britain,Canada or America?...

  • 语音语调-陈述句-表疑问

    You know. You know? He is an doctor. He is an doctor? He is going to London. He is going to London?...

  • 语音语调-陈述句-纠正、相反意见

    She is an nurse. A doctor. I can't finish the task. We can....

  • 语音语调-陈述句-安慰、鼓励、友好

    This is the picture of my wife. She is pretty. My English is so poor. Don't worry.I will help you with your english....

  • 语音语调-陈述句-保留、怀疑、言外之意

    Do you like the house? It's new. Let's go to the theatre tomorrow. I can't go tomorrow....

  • 语音语调-失去爆破

    1.book-keeper 2.handbag 3.blackboard 4.september 5.sit down 6.used to 7.that time 8.a red var 9.He used to swim. 10.Are you used the food here? 11.I had a bad cold. 12.I bought a red handbag. 13.Tommy is a good book-keeper. 14.He likes to told fate....

  • 语音语调-外加音j

    1、you can see it. please copy it. Could you copy it tomorrow? Say it again. Enjoy it please. Absolutely impossible. My ear is hot....

  • 语音语调-单词内元音的省略

    1. There is so much suffering in the world. It's a difficult question. I don't believe you. Now people can reach the village easily by train....

  • 语音语调-体验练习

    强读与弱读,体验练习 What's the machine for? It's for detecting oil. Where are you from? iI'm from the uk. Who can finish the task? I can John and iI will return soon. Johnny is a driver, and Mary is a driver too. Will mary go to london? Yes, she...

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